Generators Made Easy

Welcome to Goodall Power Systems

We have over 30 years of experience in the power generation industry where we combine modern technology with old-school integrity.

We offer a wide range of generator options each suited to your individual needs. These generators are built in Italy by  Green Power using the latest technology and comply with all European safety, performance, quality and ISO standards. These generators are available with all major engine brands, as well as all major brands of alternators and controllers. This ensures that Green Power and Goodall Power Systems can supply a generator to meet your needs.

Our sales and technical staff are constantly updated with all performance, safety, and legal requirements thus ensuring your generator is fully compliant with all national, regional, health and safety, fire and electrical, laws governing the installation and operation of generators. Compliance which is also required by the insurance industry.

All generators supplied by Goodall Power Sytems are supported by professional service, fully equipped workshops, response teams, installation teams, and a state of the art operations rooms for our live generator monitoring and management. We offer the complete package.


Real-time live monitoring of your generator means that you never have to think about your generator again. We monitor your generator 24/7/365 ensuring that it is fully functional at all times. In the event of any alarm or failure, we immediately dispatch a response team and they go there knowing exactly what needs to be done to get the generator operational. We also monitor fuel levels & refuel where necessary. 

By using real-time information from the generator set rather than SMS/s, (which are not always sent or received immediately) we thus ensure that any downtime is kept to the minimum, saving you time, stress, and money. We also test the generator regularly to ensure that the generator is fully functional. Coupled with one of our maintenance contracts and you have the complete solution for all your generator needs.

We ensure that all installations comply with the following Legal Requirements: